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Brief description: Distributed sound generator controlled by infrared light and made of wood, an arduino, IR sensor, and a custom web application

After my brother's death in 2017, I felt drawn to questions that reflected my experience of loss, instability, connection and the unknowns of our existence.  My partner Tim Lowrimore and I designed a small, interactive box and custom web application that converts invisible light into random-yet-harmonious sound.  Participants engaged with the infrared light one at a time, and their interactions orchestrated a set of musical notes, which could be heard anywhere in the museum through the phones of previous participants.  Those listening through their phones heard a set of notes unique to their device, and each person who joined to listen on her phone added another "voice" to the orchestra.  The person orchestrating from the box is the only one who could hear the entire chorus of harmonies.

Photos by Julie Rooney of Dancing Camera